It hurts to say this but~

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It hurts to say this but~

Post by AlexanderTRK on Wed 21 Aug 2013, 1:40 am

Delirium will be closed till next maint, please find a new guild till then~

The forum will remain open so if you want to post anything just leave a message or make a new thread-w-

It was fun while it lasted o3o

kinda sad now-w-

it won't feel the same without you guys~

Really sad to watch it end like this, gonna miss you all, those who left and those who stayed till the end but I'm tired and I can't be the GL anymore, I tried to pass the lead to someone else but that didn't work so I guess sooner or later it had to happen. I lost and gained a lot of friends because of the guild and I am really tired to watch people leave, 90% of the people that left never explained me why they left and that kinda hurts since you trust someone and they can't even explain you why they left your family-w-

I really still consider you all friends...even if some of you just ignore me now, keep posting on the forum if you want to have a way to talk with each other and who knows maybe one day we'll meet again. I enjoyed being your guild leader and we've managed to evolve from a level 40 pvp guild to one of the best guilds on quill then even on ponchee. Now a lot of people quit, some left and some are inactive and I can't hold our family together anymore, I wish you all good luck and don't let this become true~                 \/

            Sooner or later we all become strangers~

Love And Be Loved,

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Re: It hurts to say this but~

Post by pattyrat on Wed 21 Aug 2013, 8:10 am

Idk where to go tho -.- x.x


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Re: It hurts to say this but~

Post by kiritsugu on Mon 26 Aug 2013, 6:39 am

Also in the little time i was in Delirium was good times, was a pleasure talking with all :3
and i think the same Alex.


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Re: It hurts to say this but~

Post by BelleFolie on Mon 26 Aug 2013, 4:41 pm

I'm pretty sad and I am gonna miss being in a guild with everyone...where to go now?

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Re: It hurts to say this but~

Post by BlueELFishy on Thu 29 Aug 2013, 2:15 am

i had fun being in Delirium :3

i hope to see u guys around <3

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Re: It hurts to say this but~

Post by Arabelle on Sun 01 Sep 2013, 9:47 pm

Omg guys I wanted to start playing again but idk where to go seeing as I might be a lil inactive here and there for the next few months due to final exams T-T wish it didn't have to be this way but I'll miss you all <3


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Re: It hurts to say this but~

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