Mix level PvP betting game. (SKFC) [5 v 5] [3 v 3]

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Mix level PvP betting game. (SKFC) [5 v 5] [3 v 3]

Post by Minatsuki on Mon 20 May 2013, 9:56 pm

Well hello there!

Note: This event is held at any time, as long as there are enough people to host this event.

Are you bored? Want to PvP but arena isn't starting? You want to earn gold while you're doing PvP?
Well I have good news for you, here's an event that anyone who is 71 - 90 can join in. For a fair amount of gold, you can start earning from 100g and even higher than that!

Welcome to the Mixed Level SKFC PvP!


-No combat pots or CS pots as we abbreviate it. This rule can be overwritten if both parties (Team A and Team B) will agree that they will use CS pots.

-You are not allowed to get an upper-hand in positioning when the referee hasn't said to "Start" you are to stay on the side you are in.(Noted for Stealth Class and Mage Class)

-Candies, candy that causes transformations is also restricted. This rule can be overwritten if both parties (Team A and Team B) will agree that they will use candy.

-NPC pots, PvP Mushrooms (Hall of Judgement box, PvP box, and GvG Box) are welcomed and suggested to be used. So if the teams have chosen you can restock your consumables before the actual match has started.

-You can't ask players outside the guild to join, as this is a Guild Event it must not involve people outside it. As it may cause unnecessary drama.

-Got teamed? Got Ganked? It's all part of the game. You need to ask your teammate for help or make a strategy on who to get rid of first.

Who's who? And how to play?

Firstly, I must explain the ones who are in this event.

Rounds and limits
The players will decide how many rounds it will be, it could be best out of 3 or best out of 5, so on and so forth. But the time limit is strictly 3 minutes per round.

He/she is responsible for the event, and responsible for the making of the teams to make it balance. This person must know alot about different classes and as well as familiar to all the members in the guild. If the referee is found incompetent, he/she will be subtituted by one of the commentators.
-He/she will be responsible for setting the time limit per round. Which is 3 minutes.

 Two people are chosen(Officers or Monarchs) to oversee the event, the commentators aren't allowed to join in and attack the players participating during the event. If so, the commentator must leave SKFC. The commentator's job is to call who kills who, and can follow the players. You might be wondering how this works if their using AoEs and a commentator might get hit? Am I correct?
-There will be two commentator, one for team A and one for Team B. The commentator can watch the PvP match as in unfolds, but at his/her own risk. So the commentator for both teams will say who died, as the can see their Health Bar, clearly.


The ones who are doing the actual PvP. Once players are killed, they are eliminated. Meaning when they die, they can go back and join the commentators but can't join to fight against their opposite team.


The bets are of the players agreement. The minimum bet is 100g per head. The first team that will wipe out the opposite team or get the most kills out of it in 3 minutes. The bets are paid AFTER all rounds are done.
(Example: Best out of 3 in a 5v5 , Team A won 2 rounds. It doesn't mean that Team B will pay 200g per head and Team will get 1000g in total. The bet was 100g per head. So even if you won twice, thrice, so and so forth, it doesn't mean the Gold that was in the bet will increase per win. You get what you bet after all rounds have been decided).

How to play, is simple and easy. It's PvP, what do you expect? Someone rolling a Jelly Rabbit in?

If an outside player disrupts the event, the event is immediately cancelled. And the hostile player who disrupts it must be left alone. As we cannot cause commotions with other guilds with our own event.

Since SKFC is limited to Kaslow's location, here are some spots you can effectively maneuver.

Suggested for 3v3

For 5v5 there are 2 choices as to which you want, but here's the first one for no obstacles.

Well if that's boring for you, here's a bit of a challenge for you guys.

Team A's point-of-view

Team B's point-of-view

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