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[GW History]

Post by Scarling on Sat 01 Jun 2013, 6:52 pm

Sun. 6/2/2013
Allies: Elemia, Angelus
Enemies: Evolution, New World
Result: Loss
Points: 5000 v 759
Peak Attendance: 30 (36 online, 3-4 lower/not there)

Sat. 6/1/2013
Allies: Elemia, Angelus
Enemies: Pact, Omnicient
Result: Win
Points: 1320 v 5000
Peak Attendance: 31

Sat. 6/16/2013
Allies: Elemia, MoonShadow, Aliens
Enemies: Pact, Omnicient
Result: Win
Points: 1554 v 5000
Peak Attendance: 28 (33)

Records to help improve attendance and keep a track record of how we're doing. Latest dates will be on Top.

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