Rules and Regulations. (Be a law-abiding guildie!)

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Rules and Regulations. (Be a law-abiding guildie!)

Post by Minatsuki on Mon 20 May 2013, 3:45 pm

Firstly, as a guild, a community, a family or whatever you may define it, we have rules to follow. These rules will help us to get a positive community and a good outlook of the game plus the rules are simple, blunt and easy to follow.

*****Just to remind you, listen to a Monarch when he/she warns you. Remember, that person is like your guild leader if AlexanderTRK is unavailable.*****

Guild Rules and few things to help us get a positive community.

* Respect your guildies.
* Check guild forum on a daily basis and post.
* Always check guild chat regularly. Say "hi" to everyone and get to know every single person.
* Never do something that you would despise if someone else did it. Be your own role model.
* When you go to a dungeon, ask in guild chat if anyone wishes to go also. Try to include everyone in group activities.
* Be courteous to party members. When leaving a party, say thanks and goodbye. As we could set a good example to the whole community.
* Before selling an item, check that no one in the guild wants or needs it.
* Help to recruit awesome people to the guild.
* Drama is not tolerated at all.


There is no place for cursing in this guild. Sure we all slip a curse when we get killed or are frustrated but when it becomes excessive or frequent, the is member will be warned or will be whispered by a Monarch. Improper etiquette only brings a negative and hostile atmosphere to the guild environment and should be avoided. Cursing should never be seen on any community or global chat. Furthermore, there might be some older members may have children near by or watching. Keep it in PG13 or use euphemism to express your frustrations.

Foul Play

Members who actively perform activity for the sole purpose to ruining another's gaming fun will be warned or kicked. Such activities such as personal insults, complaining to a member about PvP, and unhealthy debates about who's the best in bracket A or B have no role in the guild. This type of foul play only brings a negative impact to the hard work we put forth to our guild.

Begging, Asking for free dungeon runs

There's nothing wrong with begging for the guild if you really need it. However, bear in mind to please try Trade Chat or Ctrl+T and check if someone is available to sell the time. Spamming the guild chat if they have that kind of item, won't work. Mind you, what if someone spams you in PMs? It's the same for us in guild chat, we read it. Just because we don't respond to it, it doesn't mean we missed it. Begging for gold is strictly prohibited and the member will be warned. The same goes for free dungeon runs, use the LFP chat first, which in the General chat option, if not right-click the bubble which the General chat is written and please [✓] the option for LFP. Just to remind you we also play for our own enjoyment, as you are. If no one is available to help, ask an hour after not every 5 minutes. Do something productive if no one responds, grinding, doing guild quest or area quest, getting rep orders from Mining, Forage, Hunting this will help you as you level higher.

Not a good idea in our guild either...

Don't be like this guy!

Also Introduce yourself... like this if you're really that socially awkward. xD!

Pranks are allowed but don't be so mean about it.... Well this one is... just lol. xD

We appreciate for following our rules!

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