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Dungeon Runs

Post by EzLcnsed2Kill on Sun 26 May 2013, 1:34 pm

It would be really helpful if we set aside a time for leeches. However, this post doesn't encourage people to just wait for these runs to be done and just not try to find a party.

I know most of the us looks for parties after reset, however due to time zones and various other reason some of us don't get to do the runs and this will help those people. Of course there will be a time for these runs, I'm suggesting abour 2-3 hours before the reset to give the leecher? enough time to do the leech. I encourage the highbie or whoever can solo dungeons to post here and what times they could do these leeches, or at least post your schedules?

The leeches doesn't have to be free ( but free leeches would be nice especially to people who needs gold ). The cost of the leech depends on the leecher, please try not to put OP prices, we all need to make some money for gears and suchs, but a guild discounted price will be appreciated. Or if you're really nice, give the guild the money you make from leeching.

This will reduce people asking for leeches in the guild if we have times set for it. If they don't know send them to the forums and tell them to look around, so that they'll be informed as well.

I hope those people who are able to do these would post here... Besides, what's better than sitting down somewhere doing nothing??? That's right !! Run leeches for the lowbies and needy and help out the guild !!

We're only as strong as our weakest guild member !!!


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