[READ] Guild Board, Warehouse, Farm, and Buffs.

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[READ] Guild Board, Warehouse, Farm, and Buffs.

Post by Minatsuki on Tue 21 May 2013, 9:45 am

The Guild board, warehouse system, farm system and the buff system are all apart of our guild. Meaning, it's not only for you, try to be considerate with the other members of the guild .

Guild Board

The guild board is there to post WTB, WTS, and posting something important(like you'll be taking a break for a few days, or that you're calling for someone). You can post jokes there, but once a Monarch sees it, it'll be taken down immediately. So in advance, I apologize for ruining your fun.
*The guild board is cleaned once every week, so better repost after it gets cleaned.
*The post that says Person A is going to be gone for a while, will replaced by the Monarch who cleaned the guild board.
*Same rules and regulations apply.
*When calling for someone, do it as discreetly as possible. (e.g. Looking for Person A, I have something that I want to talk to you about!)
*When posting some important information about the game, or builds, where to find NPC A/B please use the Guild Forum and post it here, under the General Discussion option.

Warehouse System

The guild warehouse is not your bank. I'll say it again, THE MATERIALS ARE NOT YOURS ALONE. The materials inside the guild warehouse is for everyone to use. So please, please just take what you need.
*You are not allowed to take more than 1 try to yellow an item in the guild warehouse.
*Ask an Officer or a Monarch to take what you needed, if you are a Knight.
*A recruit is not allowed to be given materials, as that person just joined in the guild.
*If you have extra materials to craft Yellow A or Orange A or Green A, put them in the guild warehouse, as someone might need it sooner or later.
*If you are found and selling any Material that you took out from the guild warehouse. You will be expelled, no questions asked.

Farm System

The farm system is the same as the Warehouse system, don't fill them up with your seeds alone.
*A maximum of 3-4 seeds per person in the Farm, more than that. A Monarch can take the extra seeds out. No refunds.
*Try to water other people's plants, as you are watering your own. We have tons of 100% water in the Guild Warehouse, is there a reason not to? They will do the same if their on.
*Just because you are not planting seeds, it doesn't mean you don't have the responsibility to water them. Try to help out by watering them. I mean, if you're just sitting around, would it really hurt to do a chore that takes 10 minutes to finish?

Buff System

The buff system is free of use. But if one buff is on don't reuse it, use another buff. Spamming the same buff is a waste of gold in the Guild Treasure.
*Remember to always fill the prestige after every buff you use.
*Guild treasury is provided by me. So feel free to use the buff as stated above, don't spam the buff over and over again just to restock it's limit.
*When a buff is used, ask the guild what buff was used if you can't see it yourself.


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Level: 90
Guild Rank: Monarch
Area of expertise: PvP,PvE, and the Guild Counselor.
Notes: Whisper me or message me in game or here if you have any questions or complaints. Thank you!

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