Sprite Drops lvl 81+

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Sprite Drops lvl 81+

Post by Ashiru on Tue 21 May 2013, 12:47 am

Since These are a lot harder to get information on I'll post these first until I have more time to post others.

Burtus's Corupt Whistle: Mining 81, Foraging 82, Hunting 82, Item Disassembly 83 (Drop by Gale Wing in Golden Sandbar)

Iscareve's Star Trumpet: Axe 81, Shield 82, Relic 82, W-Equip 82 (Drop by Plateau Elephant)

Tara's wedge horn - swd 83, bow 82, A-apparel 81 from Desert Thief/Bandit

Aurora's heavenly horn - swd 82, firearm 81, A-apparel 83 from Desert Thief/Bandit

The Hammer-82, Staff-81, Relic-83 and P-equip-82 drops from Purple Sand Bug in Golden Sandbar (I think this is minerva, someone please confirm this.)

If someone has any others, since I have a serious lack of time atm, please message me and I'll update it.

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