(Ancient) Talents Blueprints

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(Ancient) Talents Blueprints

Post by Ashiru on Tue 21 May 2013, 12:32 am

Warlord Ancient Talents
Lightning Stance | Tower Stone Lion, Tower Demon Lion (Phoenix Tower)
Power Parry | Kaslow Mystery Box
Spell Suppressor | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation

Fire Realm | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation
Shield Expert | Esaland 25000 Reputation
Magic Barrier | Great Dimetrodon, Taring's Hammer (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)

Martial Training | Kaslow Mystery Box
Fitness Training | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Absolute Combat | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation
Templar Ancient Talents
Magic Evasion | Elsaland 25000 Reputation
Deadly Destruction | Kaslow Mystery Box
Heavy Impact | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation

Ice Realm | Tower Stone Lion, Tower Demon Lion (Phoenix Tower)
Malice Master | Kaslow Mystery Box
Fortified Fury | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation

Fundamental Truth | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Dark Chain Dorsal | Dimetrodon, Taring's Wrath (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)
Brilliant Battle | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Sharpshooter Ancient Talents
Combat Genius | Red Scorpion Warrior Skeleton, Red Scorpion Pirate Skeleton (Phoenix Tower)
Lone Ranger | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation
Swift Battle Elite | Kaslow Mystery Box

Resist Evil | Icebreaker Crab, Hoarfrost Treant (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)
Windshadow | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Malice Manager | Esaland 25000 Reputation

Reaction Limit | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation
Integral Endurance | Kaslow Mystery Box
Finishing Strike | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Darkstalker Ancient Talent
Twin Blade Expert | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation
Combat Physique | Kaslow Mystery Box
Sublime Body | Elsaland 25000 Reputation

Shadow Protection | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Master Assassin | Kaslow Mystery Box
Death Dodger | Red Scorpion Warrior Skeleton, Red Scorpion Pirate Skeleton (Phoenix Tower)

Mirage Dashing | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation
Damage Reflection | Icepick Crab, Deep Freeze Treant (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)
Brutal Chain |Frost Altar 16000 Reputation (Eternal Mountains)

Shadow Sublimation | Roshiel (Forbidden Temple)
Prophet Ancient Talents
Precise Casting | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Life Blessing | Kaslow Mystery Box
Swift Chanting | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation

Protective Barrier | Phoenix Tower Hermit, Phoenix Tower Priest
Blessed Blockade | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Regenerator | Kaslow Mystery Box

Phase Burst | Steel Fur Frostwolf, Illusion Snow Faerie (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)
Offensive Intent | Elsaland 25000 Reputation
Magic Heart | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation
Demonologist Ancient Talents
Steel Body |Kaslow Mystery Box
Curse | Demon Carapace, Demon Armor Shell (Phoenix Tower)
Guardian Rite Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation

Shock Strike | Elsaland 25000 Reputation
Living Shadow | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation
Planar Shield | Sorrowful Sea Siren, Taring War Machine (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)

****'s Contract | Kaslow Mystery Box
Unnatural Shroud | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Swift Demon | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Mystic Ancient Talents
Staff Expert | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation
Precise Attack | Elsaland 25000 Reputation
Battle Soul | Kaslow Mystery Box

Mental Guard | Phoenix Tower Hermit, Phoenix Tower Priest (Phoenix Tower)
Full Throttle Attack | Ilya 16000 Reputation
Defensive Stance | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation

Stormbringer | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000 Reputation
Battler's Calling | Kaslow Mystery Box
Feral Evasion | Needle Frostwolf, Aurora Snow Faerie (Pblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)
Archmage Ancient Talents
Steel Physique | Kaslow Mystery Box
Merciless Magic | Demon Carapace, Demon Armor Shell (Phoenix Tower)
Astral Amplifier | Iron Stone Association 36000 Reputation

Secret Wisdom | Treasure Appraisal Committee 36000
Magic Calculation | Kaslow Mystery Box
Boundless Vigor | Frost Altar 16000 Reputation (Eternal Mountains)

Brilliant Shroud | Elsaland 25000 Reputation
Magic Booster | Deep Magic Academy 36000 Reputation
Nature's Blessing | Screaming Sea Siren, Taring Array Guard (Oblivion Border, Winterflake Forest)


Please note that level 1 talents are not posted here (Except Sun Talents) as they can be bought from the skills trainer NPCs in each of the 3 cities.

Earth Talents II

Sword Specialist - Goblin Hunter, Armored Cloned Beast, Mad Mountain Wolf, Petulant Pansy, Hungry Hydrangea, Mountain Scorpion, Sabretoothed Cat, Karzak Wizard, Forest Tiger, Honey Bear Papa, Diddly Kong, Swift Jungle Dragon, Ashen Wisewood, Mossy Stone Soldier, <Walking Target>Tiamu, <Forest Flower King>Pernicious Pansy, <Hilltop Scorpion King>Blue Bluff Scorpion, <Red Chief>Mutated Sabretoothed Tiger, <King of the Ancient Forest>Primal Tiger, <Plateau Dragon Chief>Sonora, <Lord of West City>Mithralon, <Steel Destroyer>Lavendra

Shooting Specialist - Goblin Mage, Goblin Striker, Goblin Guard, Moonlight Sprite, Man-Eating Marigold, Blue Ridge Scorpion, Carnivorous Carnation, Sabretoothed Cat, Lumber Transporter, Plateau Ape, Brawny Kong, Swift Strike Dragon, Garnetback Spider, Stone Striker Soldier, <Cursed Flower>Horatio, <Medicinal Flower Boss>Brutal Blossom, <Puffy Patriarch>Crazy Guffadon, <Plateau Prince>Yabei, <Blood of Madness>Keljiad

Sniping - Colorful Sunbird, Goblin Shaman, Goblin Miner, Forest Tiger, Ursuva Officer, Fat Bat, Red Earth Condor, Ferocious Fang Flower, Lumber Taskmaster, Male Plateau Ape, Tata Crab, Hearty Swampcrab, Ancient Stone Soldier, Forgotten Ancient Guard, <Cursed Flower>Horatio, <Goblin Hero>Big McLargeHuge, <Belcar Chief>Marquis Kong, <Natural Parasite>Antoraya, <Grassland Trampler>Ohmudo

Axe Specialist - Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Greenstripe Spider, Goblin Caster, Great Treant, Ursuva Minuteman, Fat Vampire Bat, Red Scorpion, Little Woodland Sprite, Lumberyard Patrol, Plateau Yak, Clawful Tata Crab, Wisewood, Quartzback Spider, Stone Striker Soldier, <Little Runaway>Ruby, <Forest Elder>Evergreen Treant, <Rollback Crustacean>Clawe-Inspiring Crab, <Valley Weaver>Salas, <Goblin War Mecha>GOBERT-01, <Cruel Slaying Lieutenant>Ursuva

Hammer Specialist - Banded Spider, Night Light Spider, Fiery Sunbird, Leafy Treant, Ursuva Wizard, Bloody Wasquito, Karzak Guard, Honey Bear, Lumberyard Guard Captain, Fierce Plateau Yak, Freshwater Crocodile, Withered Wisewood, Small Cave Spider, <Exiled Shaman>Ojisk, <Airborne Weirdo>Jester, <Involuntary Blood Donation>Blood Storm Wasquito, <Night Widow>Domelina, <Forest Overlord>Sadro, <Genius Killing Lietenant>Karzak

Chained Magic Burst - Green Widow, Moonlight Lizard, Stub-Tail Cloned Beast, Forest Bear, Bald Treant, Sandworm, Karzak Officer, Honey Bear Mama, Mutated Crimson Carnation, Yakkity Yak, Deep Freshwater Crocodile, Muddy Buddy Jelly Rabbit, Wickedbone Wolf, Brain-Eating Maggot Queen, <Eyepatch of Evil>Dorian, <Dark Gatekeeper>Eatmore

Magic Ward Specialist - Alpine Deer, Magic Spotted Deer, Hard Skinned Cloned Beast, Blue Butterfly Sprite, Toxic Wasquito, Bone-Rasping Sandworm, Karzak Gunner, Vampire Bee, Treant Elder, Swift Dragon, Saltwater Crocodile, Muddy Jelly Rabbit, Garnetback Spider, Wickedbone Wolf, <Ancient City Butterfly King>Papillon Sprite, <Devourer of Hope>Burroquia

Staff Specialist - Spotted Deer, Moonlight Deer, Prickly Pansy, Sharptooth Crocodile, Bloodsucking Wasquito, Bone-Grinding Sandworm, Karzak Captain, Forest Vampire Bee, Treant Warrior, Highland Raptor, Southern Island Swift Dragon, Toasted Wisewood, <Tempted Conjurer>Tilaye, <Cursed Flower>Horatio, <Deer Chief>Cariboomer, <Echo Tree King>Thundering Treant, <Plague Queen>Catherine, <Duke of Flab>Tokenlus, <Dark Watchdog>Rubis


Earth Talents III

Sword Specialist - Goblin Bushwhacker, Goblin Conjurer, Swift Tropical Dragon, Bloodthirsty Bone Vulture, Golden Sabretoothed Cat, Bone Reef Scorpion, <Grand Skull Wizard>Kukuryu, <King of the Canyon>Brydian, <Hidden Reef Dictator>Kastramos, <Dueling Drunkard>Buhz Killer, <Ancient Messenger>Hamo

Shooting Specialist - Bodor Grassland Altar 9000 Reputation

Sniping - Werewolf, Wicked Wisewood, Crimson Drake, Stone Mallet Giant, Stone Mallet Prophet, Treasury Watchman, <Hidden Reef Dictator>Kastramos, <Cannibal Condor>Afika

Axe Specialist - Mountain Werewolf Butcher, Mountain Werewolf Warrior, Stone Mallet Keeper, Stone Mallet Savage, Pirate Guard, Treasury Thug, <King of the Canyon>Brydian

Hammer Specialist - Ronto 9000

Chained Magic Burst - Alice 9000

Magic Ward Specialist - Diseased Wisewood, Ruthless Drake, Big Bone Reef Scorpion, <Bone Reef Scorpion Boss>Reef Ravager

Staff Specialist - Withered Bone Wolf, Swift Bloodthirsty Dragon, Black Bone Sailor, <Red Ringer>XBX3600, <Reef Dragon Boss>Corsair Dragon, Mother Sandworm, <Ancient Messenger>Hamo


Star Talents II

Resilient Vitality - Impure Servant, Hill Giant Guard, Fishman Oracle, Dark Swamp Gator, Winged Imp, Skinless Skeletal Wolf, Cocobongo Jelly Rabbit, Tusk 'n Raider Boar, Black Bone Pirate, <Ape Chief>Bling Kong, <Hooligan Kid>Kahlua, <Cannibal Condor>Afika, <Skeleton Wolf King>Barebone Baron, <Obese Bat>Randorak, <Hidden Rock Village Mayor>Mournful Myski, <Spawn of the Dead>Sir Charles, <Giant Enemy Crab>Emissary - Greed

Light Arms Specialist - Corrupted Servant, Hill Giant Warrior, South Sea Crocodile, Blood Swamp Gator, Fierce Winged Imp, Tomb Blader, Tropical Sunbird, Striped Gold Tiger, Coral Fishman, <Night Apparition>Saxilundor, <Tropical Sunbird King>Boco Cabana, <Boss of the Hunt>Striped Tawny Tiger, <Crocodilian Swamp Lord>Blackblood Gharial, <Haunted House Imp Lord>Fell Winged Imp, <Gravity Guide>Vergne, <Ape Chief>Bling Kong, <Dark Demon>Blakmoor, <Spawn of the Dead>Sir Charles, <Minekeeper>GBX-989

Heavy Arms Specialist - Entangled Servant, Hill Giant Shaman, Duke Kong, Skeletal Villager, Swamp Bat, Skeleton Smasher, Red Sunbird, Coral Fishman Scout, Skeleton Minemaster, Giant Crystal, <Ravening Spectre>Enarkar, <Stone Colossus>Jalmano, <Warped Wisewood>Alf, <Red Ringer>XBX3600, <Violent Cyborg Minotaur>Jenome

Reflect Response - Soulless Servant, South Sea Bucktooth, Archduke Kong, Skeletal Soldier, Ancient Bat, Skeleton Warlock, Red Luau Pig, Reef Fishman Soldier, <Primo Pig>Boaris, <Night Apparition>Saxilundor, <South Sea Ape Chief>Prince Kong, <Herald of Destruction>Marduk, <Treasure Keeper>Alobee

Deathblow Attack - Ironskin Cloned Beast, South Sea Bandit, Fort Guard, Dark Stone Sorceror, Gnarled Treant, Lich, Shap-Tusked Wild Boar, Reef Fishman Warrior, Mineshaft Mecha, <Bone Reef Boar Chief>Chupathingy, <Holy Fire Guardian Priest>Waltawa, <Herald of Destruction>Marduk, <Treasure Watcher>Jacobio, <Giant Enemy Crab>Emissary - Greed

Dashing - Violent Cloned Beast, South Sea Strongman, Fort Sergeant, Dark Stone Wizard, Cranky Gnarled Treant, Hard Drinkin' Giant, Egret, Reef Fishman Pioneer, Spark Mine Drill, <Dead Sea First Mate>Fritz, <Cloned Beast Boss>Rampaging Cloned Beast, <South Sea Bossman>Biggie Bigfist, <Evil Eye of the Sea>Kattegi, <Swamp Lord>Sirenco

Abundant Energy - Bone-Eating Drake, South Sea Crab, Fort Recon Officer, Dark Stone Berserker, Fangfly, Sleepy Giant, Bone Vulture, Reef Fishman Prophet, Home Run Bat, Steel Transporter, <Ravening Spectre>Enarkar, <Warped Wisewood>Alf, <Gravity Guide>Vergne, <Obese Bat>Randorak, <Minekeeper>GBX-989, <Violent Cyborg Minotaur>Jenome, <Giant Enemy Crab>Emissary - Greed

Magic Assault Specialist - Muscular Bone-Eating Drake, Fishman Hunter, Fort Quartermaster, Screwloose Giant, Bloodsucking Fangfly, South Island Jelly Rabbit, Quill Scorpion, Bone Reef Killer Wolf, Skeleton Porter, Skeleton Miner, <Primo Pig>Boaris, <Bonecrushing Lord>Mighty Bone-Eating Drake, <Deadwood Forest Boss>Pestillent Fangfly, <Watcher of Slaves>Xerxes, <Violent Cyborg Minotaur>Jenome

Channel Magic - Hill Giant, Fishman Warrior, Mutant Black Mud Crab, Skinstitch Giant, Diseased Goblin, Coconut Jelly Rabbit, Beach Bum Jelly Rabbit, Scavenging Bone Vulture, Baleful Bat, <Hooligan Kid>Kahlua, <Holy Fire Guardian Priest>Waltawa, <Dead Sea First Mate>Fritz, <Swamp Lord>Sirenco, <Grand Skull Wizard>Kukuryu, <Dueling Drunkard>Buhz Killer


Star Talents III

Resilient Vitality -Kaslow 25000

Light Arms Specialist - Ilya 25000

Heavy Arms Specialist - Jale 25000

Reflect Response - Kaslow 25000

Deathblow Attack - Jale 25000

Dashing - Ilya 25000

Abundant Energy - Kaslow 25000

Magic Assault Specialist - Ilya 25000

Channel Magic - Jale 25000


Moon Talents II

Shield Specialist - Bloody Needle Wasquito, Cliff Warrior, Flesh-Rasping Worm, <Undead Bully>Moen, <Cave Crusher>Draze, <Underworld Necromancer>Harbartos

Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone - Iron Bone Primal Scavenger Worm, Cliff Shaman, Lost Blind Wasquito, <Cute Stray Dragon>Luke, <Black King of the Seven Seas>Captain Basa, <Desert Death Dragon>Nazrudin

Lightfoot Stance - Plague-Eater Worm, Ancient Dragon Whelp, Lost Beast, <Cute Stray Dragon>Luke, <Siren Spirit>Greedy Gurna, <Desert Death Dragon>Nazrudin

Dual Weapon - Coral Fishman Fighter, Desert Widow, <Desert Tarantula Queen>Weeping Widow, <The White Death>Germa, <Siren Spirit>Greedy Gurna, <Axe to the Max>Armstrong

Premonition - Coral Fishman Prophet, Sand Scorpion, <Coconut King>Jabano, <Axe to the Max>Armstrong

Stealth Strike - Coral Fishman Sage, Bath Ghoul, <Undead Bully>Moen

Bow Quickdraw - Black Bone Cartographer, Bath Warrior, <The White Death>Germa

Demonic Afterimage - Black Bone Quartermaster, Bath Lich, <Coconut King>Jabano

Aim - Black Bone Mecha Armor, Roaring Dragon Whelp, Forgotten Stone Guard, <Young Dragon Boss>Draggy the Kid, <Mother of the Abyss>Queen Worm Shivarana, <Ruin Guardian>Avila

Saintly Touch - Stone Lizard, Stone Pillar Dragon, <Servant of Sighs>Lithic Lizard, <Mother of the Abyss>Queen Worm Shivarana, <Ruin Guardian>Avila, <Bloody Golem>Sahdos, <Cave Crusher>Draze

Holy Furor - Scrubland Yak, Scrubland Scorpion, Lost Blind Wasquito, <Scorching Wind Lord>Dunewalker Scorpion, <Black King of the Seven Seas>Captain Basa, <Earth-Rasping Dark Worm>Shiva

Woodland Warrior - Male Scrubland Yak, Bath Stone Guard, Ruined City Keeper, Toxic Echo Flower, Crypt Scorpion, <Earth-Rasping Dark Worm>Shiva, <Wooly Wasteland Wanderer>Tumbleweed Yak

Witch Doctor - Ruins Keeper, Decaying Construct, Forgotten Stone Soldier

Staff Shielding -Ruins Fighter

Arcane Amplifier - Ruins Defender

Focused Casting - Ruins Remnant

Dark Magic - Cliff Giant, Forgotten Stone Guard, <Underworld Necromancer>Harbartos


Moon Talents III

Shield Specialist - Guardian Fire Spirit, Cactus Mountain Wolf, Ruined City Defender, Ruined City Archmage, <Dark Crystal Lion>Cyrus

Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone - Iron Stone Association 9000

Lightfoot Stance - Treasure Appraisal Committee 9000

Dual Weapon - Fierce Cactus Wolf, Hard-Hoofed Yak, Decaying Construct, <Noah's Gatekeeper>MM-98T

Premonition - Treasure Appraisal Committee 9000

Stealth Strike - Red Yak, Highland Redbill, Gaia Worm, <Raider's Chieftain>Shack the Great Tooth, <Tower Caretaker>Vulcan Blazer, <Lost Underworld Dragon>Utumno, <Dark Crystal Lion>Cyrus

Bow Quickdraw - Magic School 9000

Demonic Afterimage - Lithograph Scorpion, Stoneshell Scorpion, Time Forest Sprite, <Ram of the Abyss>Nadaphas, Shining Wind Spirit, Rising Wind Spirit, <Gaia Woodland Monarch>Chronos Forest Sprite, <Raider's Chieftain>Shack the Great Tooth, <Scorpion Queen>Qestrelle

Aim - Shining Wind Spirit, Rising Wind Spirit, <Gaia Woodland Monarch>Chronos Forest Sprite, <Raider's Chieftain>Shack the Great Tooth, <Scorpion Queen>Qestrelle
Magic School 9000

Saintly Touch - Magic School 9000

Holy Furor - Iron Stone Association 9000

Woodland Warrior - Treasure Appraisal Committee 9000

Witch Doctor - Ancient Forest Sprite, <Remorseful Deserter>Augustine, <King of the Sky>Ziz

Staff Shielding - Magic School 9000

Arcane Amplifier - Ancient Treant, Timeless Treant, Woodland Defender, <Remorseful Deserter>Augustine, <Witness of the Ages>Beltodo

Focused Casting - Iron Stone Association 9000

Dark Magic - Woodland Protector, <Witness of the Ages>Beltodo, <Duke of Black Flame>Sadanpu


Sun Talents I

Power Block - Ancient Dragon, Condor Appraiser, Goblin Thug, Malevolent Beast, <Hill Billy>Billy Bob, <Power-Mad Magus>Tolos

Determination- Relic Robber, Mountain Bear, Laughing Crab (Old Siwa Island), <King Dragon Zombie>Jasang, <Mourning Banshee>Basse, <Holy King's Beast>Jafashazar

Aura of Hatred - Ruins Bandit, Highland Elk, Laughing Crab (Old Siwa Island), Vice-Chief Fishman, <Lost Elk Chieftan>Grand Highland Stag, <Cactus Wolf King>Savage Scarlet Wolf, <Great Desert Condor>Kavala, <Great Goblin Shaman>Furuguru

Dashing Strike - Bandit Sniper, Piranha Pitcher Plant, Jelly Rabbit (Old Siwa Island), Vice-Chief Fishman, <Great Goblin Shaman>Furuguru

Maniac Attack - Bandit Magician, Wetland Jelly Rabbit, <Peerless Hurricane>Eilenberge, <Misty Jelly Rabbit King>Pipeppo, <Holy King's Beast>Jafashazar

Fatal Blade - Peak Wind Spirit, Condor Battle Mecha, <Peerless Hurricane>Eilenberge, <Power-Mad Magus>Tolos

Lash Out - Mountain Wind Spirit, Condor Witch Doctor, <Peerless Hurricane>Eilenberge, <Dark Assasin Commander>Sawadar

Negator's Instinct - Ruins Bandit, Bath Stone Warrior, Goblin Raider, Malevolent Beast, King's Chamber Guardian, <Hill Billy>Billy Bob, <History's Watchman>Lionheart Keeper, <Great Desert Condor>Kavala, <Armored Evil Scorpion>Urkate

Precision - Bandit Sniper, Desert Bone Vulture, Cryptstalker Scorpion, King's Chamber Guardian, <History's Watchman>Lionheart Keeper, <Great Goblin Shaman>Furuguru, <Demon of Echoes>Sivalee

Art of Defense - Bandit Magician, Red Sands Vulture, Wetland Jelly Rabbit, Anti-Visitor Golem, <Great Desert Condor>Kavala, <Armored Evil Scorpion>Urkate

Blessed Barrier - Peak Wind Spirit, Condor Defender, Ancient Tomb Thief Mage, Little Fishman Ghost (Old Siwa Island), <King Dragon Zombie>Jasang, <Mourning Banshee>Basse

Arcane Endurance - Mountain Wind Spirit, Condor Mercenary, Little Fishman Ghost (Old Siwa Island)

Hammerhead Crush - Bath Stone Warrior, Condor Sniper, Goblin Raider, Little Fishman Ghost (Old Siwa Island), Cryptstalker Scorpion, <Demon of Echoes>Sivalee

Great Eagle Elite - Desert Bone Vulture, Condor Witch Doctor, Anti-Visitor Golem, Goblin Bandit, <Hill Billy>Billy Bob, <Demon of Echoes>Sivalee

Shadow Wolf Elite - Red Sands Vulture, Condor Battle Mecha, Anti-Visitor Golem, Ancient Tomb Thief Mage, <Armored Evil Scorpion>Urkate

Giant Ape Elite - Condor Defender, Wetland Jelly Rabbit, Ancient Tomb Thief Mage, <Misty Jelly Rabbit King>Pipeppo, <Mountain Monarch>Lord Ironhair, <Mourning Banshee>Basse

Fire Element - Condor Mercenary, Piranha Pitcher Plant, Rook Baron, <Dark Assasin Commander>Sawadar

Lightning Element - Condor Sniper, Highland Elk, <Lost Elk Chieftan>Grand Highland Stag, <Dark Assasin Commander>Sawadar

Ice Element - Mountain Bear, Vice-Chief Fishman

Gate of Purgatory - Condor Appraiser, Anti-Visitor Golem

Lich's Wind - Ancient Dragon, Goblin Thug, Ancient Tomb Thief, <History's Watchman>Lionheart Keeper

Dark Protector - Relic Robber, Ancient Tomb Thief Mage, <King Dragon Zombie>Jasang


Sun Talents II

Power Block - Whiterock Spider, Dead Bone Wolf, <King of the Sky>Ziz, <Man-Eating Plant King>Mutated Porra, <Great Misty Marsh Tree>Surbora

Determination - Female Whiterock Spider, Fierce Skeletal Wolf, <Gaia Woodland Monarch>Chronos Forest Sprite, Bath Stone Guard (Shrieking Maw), <The Yak Attack>Great Red Yak, <Blakatoa Wolf Chief>Pale Death Bone Wolf, <Mountain Monarch>Lord Ironhair, <Lost Underworld Dragon>Utumno

Aura of Hatred - Swamp Wasquito, Igneous Avenger, Bath Stone Soldier, <Terror of Vacations>Piercing Proboscis Wasquito

Dashing Strike - Caustic Blood Wasquito, Alechi Stone Demon, Ruined City Keeper, <Highland Fox Killer>Werewolf Blitzer

Maniac Attack - Green Crocodile, Alechi Blzing Spirit, Ruined City Sorceror, <Great Lake Overlord>Graegos, <Duke of Black Flame>Sadanpu

Fatal Blade - Bonecrushing Crocodile, Burning Fire Spirit, <Witness of the Ages>Beltodo, <Mournsorrow City Skeleton>Bonaparte

Lash Out - Eifell Guardian, Spitfire Dragon, Ruined City Defender, Decaying Construct, <Duke of Black Flame>Sadanpu, <Mournsorrow City Skeleton>Bonaparte

Negator's Instinct - Eifell Water Spirit, Alechi Flying Dragon, Cursed Corpse Golem, <Water Spirit Queen>Eifellina, <Minor Dragon Lord>Sundance Kid, <Wing of Nature>Gatraeus

Precision - Spirit of Columbus, Alechi Swift Dragon, <Remorseful Deserter>Augustine, <Wild Wanderer>Derek, <Noah's Gatekeeper>MM-98T, <Bloody Golem>Sahdos

Art of Defense - Mariner of Columbus, <Wild Wanderer>Derek, <Tower Caretaker>Vulcan Blazer

Blessed Barrier - Astrologer of Colombus, <Time's Helmsman>Columbus

Arcane Endurance - Irontooth Warrior, <Time's Helmsman>Columbus

Hammerhead Crush - Irontooth Gladiator, <Scorpion Queen>Qestrelle

Great Eagle Elite - Irontooth Captain, <Raider's Chieftain>Shack the Great Tooth

Shadow Wolf Elite - Irontooth Shaman, <King of the Sky>Ziz.

Giant Ape Elite - Irontooth Devilbrow Armor, <Lost Underworld Dragon>Utumno

Fire Element - Male Highland Elk, <Gaia Woodland Monarch>Chronos Forest Sprite, <Great Misty Marsh Tree>Surbora

Lightning Element - Great Mountain Bear, Rook Baron

Ice Element - Cave Werewolf, <Man-Eating Plant King>Mutated Porra

Gate of Purgatory - Cave Wolf Warrior, <Great Lake Overlord>Graegos

Lich's Wind - Cave Wolf Killer, <Highland Fox Killer>Werewolf Blitzer

Dark Protector - Blazing Spirit, Cursed Corpse Golem, Ruined City Archmage


Sun Talents III

Power Block - Woodland Forsaken, Scorching Spider, <Fang of Blakatoa>Gozan

Determination - Woodland Warrior, Blackrock Spider, <Volcano Spider Boss>Blackrock Tarantula Lord, <Wing of Nature>Gatraeus"

Aura of Hatred - Gaia Black Bear, Frenzied Fire Spirit, <Ancient Hammerhand>Buckton, <Holy City's Wind Spirit>Zephyro, <King of Witchcraft>Sutan

Dashing Strike - Great Woodland Bear, Mad Fire Spirit, <Goddess Lake Bear Boss>Primal Brown Bear, <Flaming Lord>Parados, Dragonbone Grinder

Maniac Attack - Water Maiden Spirit, Magma Dragon, <Fang of Blakatoa>Gozan

Fatal Blade - Lady of the Lake, Scorching Black Dragon, <Everlasting Servant>Ramos

Lash Out - Chronos Dragon Whelp, Black Flame Warrior, Black Flame Knight, <Everlasting Servant>Ramos, <Chromatic Worm>Asterheiz

Negator's Instinct - Young Chronos Dragon, Black Flame Gunner, <Everlasting Servant>Ramos, <Black Son of Chaos>Torecci

Chronos Dragon, Black Flame Wizard, <Ancient Hammerhand>Buckton

Precision - Wind Scouter, Black Flame Death Armor, <Holy City's Wind Spirit>Zephyro, <High Swordmaster>Dunn

Art of Defense - Wind Guardian, <Holy City's Wind Spirit>Zephyro, <High Swordmaster>Dunn

Blessed Barrier - Wind Guardian, <Holy City's Wind Spirit>Zephyro, <High Swordmaster>Dunn

Arcane Endurance- Dark Worm, Dragonbone Grinder, <King of Witchcraft>Sutan

Hammerhead Crush - Dark Corrosion Worm, Dragonbone Grinder

Great Eagle Elite - Thousand-Year Flower, <Chromatic Worm>Asterheiz, <High Swordmaster>Dunn

Shadow Wolf Elite - Thousand-Year Fiendish Flower, <Toxic Flower King>Ageless Anger Flower, <Black Son of Chaos>Torecci, <King of Witchcraft>Sutan

Giant Ape Elite - Stone Sword Keeper, <Chromatic Worm>Asterheiz

Fire Element - Stone Sword Servant, <Black Son of Chaos>Torecci

Lightning Element - Hunting Claw Dragon, <Flaming Lord>Parados

Ice Element - Fire God Cultist, <Wing of Nature>Gatraeus"

Gate of Purgatory - Fire God Crusader, <Fang of Blakatoa>Gozan

Lich's Wind - Fire God Oracle, <Ancient Hammerhand>Buckton

Dark Protector - Blazing Battle Armor, <Flaming Lord>Parados


Earth Talents IV

Sword Specialist - Elsaland 16000

Shooting Specialist - <Faaabulous Ram Overlord>Pinkerton, Yeti Yeoman, Northland Bandit Gunman, Demon Forest Wolf, Ironwing Condor, <Snow Faerie Leader>Gemmie

Sniping - <Blacknest Werewolf Captain>Jasha, Northland Bandit Sapper, Yeti Scout, Snow Faerie Sprite, Broze Armored Ape, Dusk of Elsaland - 5

Axe Specialist - <Fortress Gate Sentinel>General Yobese, North Mountain Wolf, Yeti Castle Sentry, Snow Moonbird, Golden Armored Ape, Dusk of Elsaland - 5

Hammer Specialist - Iron Stone Association 25000

Chained Magic Burst - <Lunatic Wolf>Dakota, Elsaland Swirly Ram, Yeti Castle Guard, Cranky Moonbird, Silver Armored Ape

Magic Ward Specialist - <Bone Grazing Killer>Carlo, <Black Blood Alliance Commander>Katoch, Elsaland Magic Ram, Speed Racer Pig, Crimson Elite Soldier, Northland Robber, <Mohawk Madness>Pigmalion

Staff Specialist - Elsaland 16000


Star Talents IV

Resilient Vitality - Frost Ilannia 16000

Light Arms Specialist - <The Word>Birdbird Bird, <Faaabulous Ram Overlord>Pinkerton, Northland Bandit Swordsman, Mad Dash Pig, Crimson Sniper, Northland Marksman, <Freezing Wind Spirit Elder>Stratos

Heavy Arms Specialist - <Blacknest Werewolf Captain>Jasha, Blacknest Werewolf Warrior, Crimson Sawtooth Occultist, Northland Butcher

Reflect Response - Frost Ilannia 16000

Deathblow Attack - <The Word>Birdbird Bird, <Fortress Gate Sentinel>General Yobese,
Northland Bandits Boss, Blacknest Werewolf Vanguard, Crimson Sawtooth Officer

Dashing - <Eternal Hunter>Wika, <Lunatic Wolf>Dakota, Flying Noble Bird, Mountain Lion Lizard, Snowbound Mecha Armor

Abundant Energy - Magic Academy 25000

Magic Assault Specialist - Frost Ilannia 16000

Channel Magic - <Eternal Hunter>Wika, <Bone Grazing Killer>Carlo, <Black Blood Alliance Commander>Katoch, Forest Noble Bird, Whirlwild Lion Lizard, Tundra Tiger, <Monstrous Tidal Worm>Madness Maw


Moon Talents IV

Shield Specialist - <Immortal Gargoyle>Icy Sanba, Arctic Wind Spirit, Dorsal Dimetrodon, Needle Frostwolf

Bronze Sinew, Iron Bone - <Panzer Ape>Stonewall Chimpson, Freezing Wind Spirit, Great Dimetrodon, Screaming Sea Siren, <Alpha Frost Wolf>Silverstrike

Lightfoot Stance - Saphael's Heart 16000

Dual Weapon - <Blacknest Chieftain>Carreras, Blacknest Wolfrage Champion, Iron-Eating Moonbird, Sorrowful Sea Siren

Premonition - Saphael's Heart 16000

Stealth Strike - <Steam Dancer>Beet, Blacknest Sandwind Warrior, Icebreaker Crab, Corrputed Demon Dog, <Polar Bear Chief>Bear Baron

Bow Quickdraw - Treasure Appraisal Committee 25000

Demonic Afterimage - <Abandoned Beauty>Psiren, Blacknest Bloodburn Warrior, Icepick Crab, Corpse Hound

Aim - <Steam Dancer>Beet, Geothermal Wasp, Winterstrait Fishman Patrol, Half-Tainted Mummy

Saintly Touch - <Blacknest Chieftain>Carreras, Deformed Mummy, Giant Steam Bee, Frozen Gargoyle, Winterstrait Fishman Watch

Holy Furor -Saphael's Heart 16000
Woodland Warrior Treasure Appraisal Committee 25000

Witch Doctor - <Panzer Ape>Stonewall Chimpson, Barbed Wasp, Wandering Gargoyle, Winterstrait Fishman War Guard, Cruel Mummy

Staff Shielding - Saphael's Heart 16000

Arcane Amplifier - <Immortal Gargoyle>Icy Sanba, Great Tidal Worm, Winterstrait Fishman Priest, Border Dead Sailor's Soul

Focused Casting - Magic Academy 25000
Dark Magic <Abandoned Beauty>Psiren, Wildfin Tidal Worm, Steel Fur Frostwolf, Border Dead Pirate's Soul


Sun Talents IV

Mighty Guard - Iron Stone Association 25000

Determination - <Taring Exiled Messenger>Taro, <Despairing Hero>Chicaniles, Yeti Hunter

Aura of Hatred - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Dashing Strike - <Wandering Mummy>Ra, Snowy Forest Elk, Yeti Warrior

Maniac Attack - <Taring Exiled Messenger>Taro, <Prismatic Lord>Milia, Snowbound Treant, Yeti Elder

Fatal Blade - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Lash Out - <Taring Exiled Messenger>Taro, <Stiff Wood Demon>Quecar, Wild Bear, Ancient Bird of Paradise

Negator's Instinct - <Taring Exiled Messenger>Taro, <Cross Your Heart>Schwartzwald, Grizzly Bear, Rainbow Bird of Paradise

Precision - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Art of Defense - <Lord of White Crystal>Villainnochio, Taring's Wrath, Flaming Lion Lizard

Blessed Barrier - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Arcane Endurance - <Rebellious Evil>Kamaki, <Doomsday Emissary's Wraith>Kukukofis, Taring's Hammer, Gray War Bear

Hammerhead Crush - <Doomsday Emissary's Wraith>Kukukofis, Hoarfrost Treant, Gray Yeti Hunter, <Arctic Treant Elder>Wintermane

Great Eagle Elite - <Rebellious Evil>Kamaki, <Lord of White Crystal>Villainnochio, Deep Freeze Treant, Gray Yeti Fighter

Shadow Wolf Elite - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Giant Ape Elite - <Cross Your Heart>Schwartzwald, Illusion Snow Faerie, Gray Yeti Elder

Fire Element - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Lightning Element - <Stiff Wood Demon>Quecar, Wandering Spirit, Aurora Snow Faerie, Ice Dragon Whelp

Ice Element - <Prismatic Lord>Milia, Dead Cursebringer, Taring Array Guard, Frost Dragon, <Snow Faerie Prince>Pipi Prismwing

Gate of Purgatory - Kaslow Mysterious Chest

Lich's Wind - <Rebellious Evil>Kamaki, <Wandering Mummy>Ra, Polar Bear, Taring War Machine, Demon Sword Spirits

Dark Protector - <Despairing Hero>Chicaniles, Power Polar Bear, Frosted War Bear,
Demonic Fallen Hero, Chillclaw Lizard

** This is yet to be completed and I will updta further information, especially on the Ancient talents once I get the info and have time to post it.**
*** Also if you have any locations on yet to be posted talents, or corrections to the posted ones, please leave me a message and I will edit it in.***

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